Mobile Advertising Solutions


Who are we?

IQzone is a privately-held mobile technology company, headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ with offices in San Francisco and London. The team brings years of experience in the mobile & software industry, along with a company-wide entrepreneurial spirit that spurs innovation and disruption.  The company is currently partnering with mobile ad networks, DSPs, publishers, SSPs, and ad exchanges to deliver the Postitial® advertising slot on Android phones and tablets globally.

What problems do we address?

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Mobile advertising is a rapidly expanding industry and is currently dominated by banner ads; these ads historically have resulted in low engagement and low CPMs. There isn’t a good location for mobile app publishers to place full screen interstitial, rich media, or video ads inside their applications. If publishers do put these types of ads in the app, they damage the user experience and run the risk of making users unhappy.

So what?

Demand for full screen interstitial, rich media, and video ads is the fastest growing segment in mobile advertising. Publishers are looking to increase monetization of their apps, especially if it ensures a quality user experience. Mobile ad networks would receive expanded ad spends from brands if there was a larger supply of this type of premium ad inventory.

Our Solution

The company’s flagship product, Postitial®, is a full screen ad unit that displays at the end of an app session.   Postitial provides Android developers and publishers with new advertising inventory and an incremental revenue stream.
Postitial allows app publishers to deliver non-intrusive, relevant ads during a natural break in consumer’s mobile content consumption: the end of an activity. We place them front and center during this break/transition rather than relying on the status quo of placing mobile ads adjacent to content.


Postitial solves unique problems for publishers and advertisers:

For publishers, Postitial creates new incremental advertising inventory that generates higher eCPM inventory and a new revenue stream, while at the same time respecting the in-app user experience.

For advertisers, Postitial provides full page advertising inventory that delivers significantly higher levels of engagement and supports interstitial, rich media and video. The timing of the ad, displayed after the user has finished an app session, creates a unique opportunity in mobile for advertisers to capture more focused consumer eyeballs and attention.

What makes us different?

IQzone’s patent-pending technology for Postitial allows us to be the only company in the world to be able to offer this solution to Android app developers and mobile ad networks.  The company is currently partnering with mobile ad networks, DSPs, publishers, SSPs, and ad exchanges to deliver the Postitial advertising slot on Android devices globally.