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Advertisers can now directly buy Postitial ad traffic via mobile DSP Smadex

By on October 7, 2014 in News


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We are pleased to announce that advertisers and agencies can now plan and buy IQzone’s Postitial ad unit for branding and performance campaigns (supporting full-screen, rich media or video ads) via mobile DSP Smadex.

Advertisers can now transparently buy Postitial ad units across different ad formats and ad exchanges. For performance campaigns, advertisers can use their existing mobile app tracking partner to track conversions from Postitial ad spaces. For branding campaigns, advertisers can use existing rich media partners such as Celtra or HTML5, while video is supported by either VAST or HTML5. For Postitial only buys, creatives will only appear in Android apps that support the Postitial ad format.  Reporting is the same as for other ad formats and advertisers will be able to see impressions and click-through-rates via the Smadex reporting tool.

Campaigns are created in the same way as that for any other campaign except that a) publishers and exchanges will be limited to those supporting the Postitial ad unit and b) ad formats will be limited to full-screen ads, rich media or video ad formats. All of these ad formats are supported by Smadex but may not be supported by all ad exchanges.

Postitial ads do not compromise the in-app user experience and are displayed only once a user has left an app. For full-page ads, click-through-rates are averaging 3x higher than standard interstitials, demonstrating significantly higher levels of engagement by end users. This can be explained by the fact that ads are displayed only once a user has left an app and therefore more receptive to advertising versus interruptions while using an app.

Smadex is a mobile DSP that offers advertisers either a self-service or managed service model. Smadex only supports programmatic buying and is connected to all the major mobile ad exchanges for performance and branding campaigns in addition to retargeting.

To find out more you about how you can plan and buy Postitial ads globally, you can contact IQzone on or Smadex on