Mobile Advertising Solutions


Jim Wolfinger

President and Chief Executive Officer

As President and CEO of IQzone, Inc., Mr. Wolfinger is responsible for daily corporate operations, as well as development and implementation of the company’s go-to-market strategy. Additionally, through Mr. Wolfinger’s leadership, the company has been able to structure and obtain multiple rounds of corporate funding. During Mr. Wolfinger’s tenure as CEO, he has steered the company through several seismic shifts in the mobile industry, most recently navigating the company’s pivot into the mobile advertising sector. In addition to providing innovative solutions for traditional mobile advertising, Mr. Wolfinger’s vision led to his spearheading the invention, patenting, and global expansion of the company’s unique mobile advertising placement, Postitial.

Mr. Wolfinger came to IQzone with 25 years of experience in the wireless industry, including his tenure as President of MCI/WorldCom Wireless, which became the largest reseller of wireless services in North America. In that role, he was responsible for managing and delivering in excess of $1.4 Billion dollars in annual revenue, with approximately 5,000 employees. In addition, Mr. Wolfinger managed several other divisions for MCI/WorldCom, including prepaid long distance cards, RealCom (shared tenant services), and MC Comm. He also served in several management and senior management positions at US West Cellular, now Verizon.

Matthew Feadler

Chief Technology Officer

As CTO of IQzone, Inc., Mr. Feadler is responsible for strategic development and daily oversight of the company’s Engineering division, as well as management and implementation of the company’s Intellectual Property initiative. Mr. Feadler was one of the earliest members to join the IQzone team, and has been instrumental in the conception and implementation of each of the company’s products to date, most especially as co-inventor and technical architect of the company’s flagship mobile advertising placement, Postitial.

Mr. Feadler is a lifelong technologist and entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in the information technology industry. In 2002, he co-founded and was elected CEO of Herd Technologies, a Phoenix, AZ-based VAR, inaugurating over a decade of entrepreneurial and executive management experience. Mr. Feadler’s diverse technological experience in the systems, finance, cloud services, mobile development, and mobile advertising sectors make him uniquely qualified to fill his technical leadership role.

Dilpesh Parmar

Chief Operations Officer

Based out of IQzone’s UK office, Dilpesh oversees global partnerships for both Supply and Demand.

Prior to IQzone, Dilpesh coordinated global in-app ad monetization for Outfit7 (with over 300MM monthly active users), which includes advising on and overseeing millions of dollars of advertising revenue across the company’s entire app portfolio. Dilpesh joined Outfit7 in June 2012 from Shazam (an Apple company) where, as Advertising Manager, he was responsible for all advertising revenues across the company’s global user base.

Dilpesh has over 11 years of experience working with leading international brands and entertainment apps, helping them grow their advertising business.