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Gamebasics Guest Blog Post — Postitial Publisher Results

By on October 14, 2014 in Guest Post



As the monetization manager of Gamebasics, my team and I are always on the lookout for new ways to increase our mobile ad revenue while still maintaining the highest quality app user experience.  Incorporating IQzone’s Postitial ad placement into our ad strategy fit our desires perfectly, as it allows us to serve incremental full screen adverts only once the user has finished interacting with the app.  This timing ensured that the ads did not interrupt the user during their app session.

We’ve been live with Postitial for several months now, and the results have been great.  We have found that the click-through rates (CTR) for Postitial display ads are double when compared to our in-app interstitial ads. This vast improvement in ad engagement has equated to an increase to both our eCPMs and overall ad revenue.

GameBasics is also highly sensitive to the overall gamer experience.  After the initial launch of Postitial ads, we conducted widespread user experience testing and analyzed all consumer reviews.  The results from this test and analysis were fantastic.  It is quite clear that IQzone’s Postitial ad placement has allowed us to increase revenue without impacting or compromising the gameplay and user experience.

Integration of the Postitial product proved to be a seamless process.  It required just a quick update to our existing ad exchange (MoPub) SDK. The Postitial – MoPub setup guide was straightforward and 3 easy steps later, the integration was complete.  IQzone’s tech and ad support was also very helpful along the way.  Once integrated, IQzone greatly assisted with the optimization of this new ad inventory. IQzone also assisted with the adding of new demand partners in order to maximize fill rate and eCPM.

As we further develop our relationship with IQzone, our company is very pleased to continue benefiting from the new, high-performing advertising inventory that Postitial delivers.  We have liked working with the team at IQzone on a professional basis, but have also enjoyed getting to know the team on a personal basis. We look forward to having them back to our offices soon and visiting them in London or in San Francisco.


Sebastiaan Klein

Sebastiaan Klein

Monetization Manager, Gamebasics

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