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Smaato blog post – Ad Optimization Tips

By on April 18, 2014 in Guest Post


smaatologoThe COO of Smaato, Georg Figen recently shared a few useful tips and tricks to give publishers an immediate effect on ad revenue.  Since Smaato is one of IQzone’s ad SDK partners, we thought that we would also share one of his important tips that involves Postitial.  Reach out to us to get the Postitial-enabled Smaato SDK today!

Here is the section of Georg’s blog post that speaks to the Postitial ad slot:

  • “Ad Placement:
    Many publishers mix categories and dimensions in one single ad placement. This is a common setup that reduces revenue potential for your adspace. This is highly confusing for demand partners and advertisers. Indeed, while making their bidding decisions, adspace clarity is key. Therefore, we strongly advise to limit each ad placement to only one dimension (ad size), one OS and one category. Hence, every single placement of your app should be created separately in SMX and have a unique adspace ID.In the same way, the ad placement name should be as descriptive as possible. Advertisers should be able to appreciate the type of app they’re bidding on, at the first glance. Make sure that the name includes relevant information such as the app name itself, of course, but also the category, the OS and the ad size.

    Some ad placements are better paid than others. This is the case for full-screen placements like interstitials that ingeniously catch the user’s attention. Using interstitials not only improves the ad performance, but also preserves a good user experience. All the more reasons for Postitial® placements for Android, developed by our partner iQZone, which display ads when the Android app is closed. With Postitial®, the user engagement is even higher, which translates to a significant increase of your revenue.

    Last but not least, ad placement’s position in the app also has an influence on the revenue you can generate. Placements above the fold perform seven times better than those below the fold. This is true for online as well as it is for mobile. Here again, placements above and below the fold should have separate adspace IDs in our platform.”

To read the full Smaato post, click here.  If you have any questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.