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Postitial goes Native

By on July 2, 2014 in Industry News & Trends


For those of us in the ad tech industry, native advertising is the number one buzzword at the moment. Generally speaking, native ads try to fit in with the user journey and user experience of an app or site.

For example a native ad could appear on a page (using the same style guide as the editorial content) or as a clearly labeled sponsored ad like those used by Facebook. They could also take the form of branded creative ads that flow between breaks in pages like those used by Flipboard (just as branded creative ads appear between pages in print magazines). In gaming, custom solutions have been created for some of the top ranking games, but the challenge here has been around re-using that format elsewhere. The clear problem is that these native formats mentioned above are highly customized and therefore not scalable across the mobile app industry.

One native advertising format that has proven to scale effectively is a sponsorship wrapper at the end of an app session.  This type of native ad can be applied to any app across all verticals.  IQzone’s Postitial ad placement works perfectly today as this type of full screen native ad unit.

Here publishers work with brands to introduce the concept of “ABC app has been brought to you by XYZ advertiser” that appears every time an app is closed. The timing of the ad is perfect and a natural break in the experience, as users have already decided to move onto another activity and are therefore more receptive to advertising.  The Postitial ad unit supports an array of sponsorship wrapper formats. From interstitial static ads to rich media and mobile video, advertisers are provided with multiple options to create better, interactive and more engaging advertising that brands and ad agencies should find exciting and innovative.

To summarize, there are several ways to serve a native ad, but in most cases they are unique to each app.  To accelerate native advertising’s adoption, the industry needs more solutions like Postitial that can scale effectively across all app categories and use any ad format. The bottom line is that users appear more willing to accept and engage with native advertising than standard mobile ads. As such this has driven a fundamental shift in how marketing dollars will be spent in the future.