o7crosspromoMobile developers market their apps to a global audience in many ways, ranging from low-cost/no-cost methods such as social media, to mobile cost-per-install advertising campaigns.  However, where CPI campaigns were once the most effective means of driving incremental installs, this approach has becomes less effective as the user experience has become saturated with banners and other forms of mobile advertising that users often do not find relevant.  The time has come for a more targeted and engaging mechanism.

Enter cross-promotion.  Cross-promotion works by advertising new apps from your portfolio directly to existing users, enabling you to reduce acquisition costs and reach an audience that’s already familiar with (and engaged by) your products.  Data shows a strong likelihood that users will download new apps from the same developer, provided the presentation is engaging and timely.

Timing is the key.  An effective cross-promotion strategy must respect the user journey, and that means reaching out to users when they’re not busy actually using your app.  IQzone’s Postitial ad placement meets this need perfectly, by displaying your cross-promotional ads only once your users have finished their app sessions.  Postitial supports all full-screen formats, driving significantly higher click-through-rates and conversions.

To learn more about leveraging cross-promotion campaigns with Postitial, contact us at info@iqzone.com.