Postitial opens up new opportunities with publishers for full-screen ads

For the past year, we’ve been had the opportunity to work with IQzone, a mobile ad technology platform for the Android ecosystem. IQzone’s Postitial ad placement creates new incremental full-screen ad inventory for apps, and ads are displayed every time a user ends an app session. Postitial has been integrated into many of MoPub’s publishers, and it’s straightforward using the Postitial enabled MoPub SDK.

For publishers unsure of where to use full screen ads in their apps, a Postitial offers a way to show full screen ads that minimize interference with the user experience. Once fully integrated, a Postitial is immediately available to all MoPub Marketplace DSPs and mediation partners, and it supports full-screen ads, video, and rich media.

For DSPs and mediation partners, Postitials can help drive incremental full-screen ad inventory that potentially generates higher levels of engagement. For brand campaigns, demand partners can directly choose Postitial ad placements on apps with ads that only appear once a user has finished using an app.

The Postitial is a premium placement, just as print ads have been on the back of magazines for over a century. For example, a brand could sponsor the app using the Postitial ad placement on a top global app so every time a user finishes using that app, the brand ad appears with a message like “This app has been brought to you by Brand XYZ.” This exposes a powerful brand campaign to hundreds of millions of consumers across the globe.

To get Postitial ads running as a MoPub publisher is straightforward. The IQzone team has developed a specific Postitial enabled MoPub SDK that automatically works with all MoPub demand sources. Postitial works in the same way as any other ad format on the MoPub platform.

For demand partners looking at Postitial advertising inventory, once Postitial is enabled on any publisher, DSPs and ad networks should be able to directly buy Postitial ads.