loopme logo_bigWe are pleased to announce that the Postitial ad placement is now available via LoopMe, the leading global mobile video DSP, via RTB on our mobile ad exchange partners. Postitial’s proven track record of increased user engagement perfectly complements LoopMe’s market success with mobile video, making this a particularly exciting partnership.

LoopMe is the only mobile DSP offering full-screen only ads (including interstitial, rich media, and video). LoopMe’s focus on larger ad formats enables Postitial to present brand and user acquisition campaigns with superior user experience and higher performance.

Advertisers can now plan and buy Postitial ads transparently on LoopMe at site level across a number of supported RTB ad exchanges. For user acquisition, advertisers use existing mobile app tracking partners to manage conversions from Postitial ads. For brand campaigns, advertisers can build custom HTML5, or use existing rich media partners.

Campaigns can be created just as they are for traditional ad placements, but now publishers and exchanges supporting the Postitial placement can be targeted directly.

To find out more about how you can plan and buy Postitial ads globally, contact IQzone at sales@iqzone.com or LoopMe at sales@loopmemedia.com.