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IQzone and Smadex Partnership

By on October 22, 2014 in Press Releases


IQzone and Smadex partner to give advertisers direct access to Postitial advertising inventory on mobile RTB exchanges

October 22nd,  2014, London:  IQzone, a mobile technology company offering an innovative advertising solution for Android publishers, has partnered with mobile Demand-Side Platform Smadex to give advertisers access to IQzone’s Postitial advertising inventory.

Advertisers will now be able to buy Postitial advertising inventory directly and transparently on the Smadex platform across mobile RTB exchanges in the same way as they buy other mobile inventory. The placement of the Postitial ad unit makes it an option for both user acquisition and brand campaigns. For user acquisition campaigns, Smadex supports the main app install tracking platforms including Adjust, Ad-X and Tune.

Postitial provides Android developers with a new mobile advertising revenue stream by delivering full-screen ad formats at the end of an app session, thereby not compromising the in-app user experience. Postitial is now supported by many RTB exchanges including MoPub & Smaato and large publishers including Outfit7 & Zeptolab.

IQzone recently launched its sponsorship native ad wrapper that enables large Android developers to create direct sponsorship agreements with brands, whereby at the end of an app sessions, the user is presented with a “this app has been brought to you by” branded experience.

“Mobile advertising is now the single, fastest growing segment within digital advertising and likely to overtake TV within one-to-two years. By giving publishers and developers the capabilities to adopt larger, better performing ad formats that work better on smartphones and tablet devices, this will attract advertising dollars from agencies and brands,” said Jim Wolfinger, CEO, IQzone.


About IQzone
IQzone is a privately held mobile ad technology company, currently partnering with mobile ad networks, publishers, and exchanges to deliver the Postitial ad placement on Android phones and tablets globally. The company, headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona with offices in San Francisco and London, is proud to have its technology integrated with premier exchange partner SDKs, including MoPub, AdMarvel, Smaato, Amobee, and MassiveImpact.
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About Smadex
Smadex is a global mobile Demand-Side Platform especially designed for agencies and direct advertisers that enables them to execute performance and brand campaigns. The underlying real-time bidding and machine learning technology has been fully developed from the ground up by a world-class team of engineers and researchers. Smadex provides advertisers with a cloud-based platform including: full-service option for advertisers, campaign management and targeting tools, reporting and analytics, ad ops tools and proprietary bidder and ad server.
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