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Postitial Grows over 1000%

By on November 19, 2014 in Press Releases


IQzone’s Postitial Grows over 1000% Quarter-Over-Quarter and now Available on Hundreds of Millions of Mobile Devices Worldwide

November 19th, 2014, Scottsdale: IQzone, the mobile technology company offering an innovative advertising solution for the Android ecosystem, today announces news of tremendous growth for quarter three over quarter two 2014 of more than 1,000 percent. This growth has been driven by increased adoption of its mobile advertising solution, Postitial, by top-ranking global publishers, including Outfit7, Zeptolab, textPlus, and Grindr, along with leading ad exchanges, including MoPub, AdMarvel, and Smaato. Postitial is now available for advertisers on hundreds of millions of mobile devices worldwide.

IQzone’s Postitial ad placement provides publishers with a new mobile advertising revenue stream by delivering non-intrusive and highly engaging full-screen ad formats at the end of an app session. For publishers already running full screen ad formats, this can increase advertising inventory by over 100% without adding any new users or compromising the user experience. Postitial opens the world of full screen ads (and their associated revenue) to app categories such as utility and weather that previously could never consider such formats, because they would be too intrusive.

For advertisers, Postitial provides a unique, premium, high-performing ad placement that supports both brand and user acquisition campaigns. By working directly with top-tier publishers and ad exchanges, IQzone is able to make Postitial available for advertisers to buy via leading global Demand-Side Platforms including Byyd-Tech, InMobi, and Smadex.

IQzone recently launched its native sponsorship ad wrapper, which enables large publishers to create direct sponsorship agreements with brands, whereby users are presented with a “brought to you by” branded experience at the end of their app sessions. This premium ad placement is similar in concept to the back cover of a magazine.

“Over the past twelve months, Postitial has seen increased adoption by publishers at a tremendous rate, proving that larger ad formats on mobile devices are in high demand, and that ad spend is steadily moving away from standard banners. This represents a major tipping point for the mobile advertising industry, and a wake-up call for agencies and brands planning future campaigns,” said Jim Wolfinger, CEO, IQzone.

About IQzone
IQzone is a privately held mobile ad technology company, currently partnering with mobile ad networks, publishers, and exchanges to deliver the Postitial ad placement on Android phones and tablets globally. The company, headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona with offices in San Francisco and London, is proud to have its technology integrated with premier exchange partner SDKs, including MoPub, AdMarvel, Smaato, Amobee, and MassiveImpact.

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