Mobile Advertising Solutions


Adding Postitial® to your Android™ applications generates click-through rates over 3-5 times industry average, thereby increasing your ad revenues without compromising the user experience.

Postitial fully supports standard ad formats for performance and branding campaigns from ad networks and DSPs!

  • The user opens and experiences the app
  • Upon closing, a full screen, rich media, or video ad is displayed
  • The user can easily close the ad at anytime

Publisher Benefits

  • New ad slot creates new inventory for publishers to monetize
  • Incremental ad revenues complement existing mobile advertising
  • Average eCPMs 3-5 times higher
  • No latency as ads load while users are in the application
  • Does not compromise the in-app user experience
  • Works with full screen, rich media, and video ads

Key Features & Implementation

  • Simple and quick integration process!
  • Obtain Postitial-enabled SDK
  • Update application per Postitial instructions
  • Cloud configuration for campaign customization
  • Works with all Android devices

Our Exchange/Mediation Partners


Contact Us today to obtain the Postitial-enabled SDK, complete with setup instructions for any of our exchange / mediation partners