We are pleased to announce that Postitial is already live and fully integrated into the AdMarvel Android SDK, offering existing and new Opera Mediaworks Premium Tier-1 Publishers Postitial ad units.

Postitial gives publishers new and incremental advertising inventory and because it supports larger ad formats, delivers significantly higher CTRs and CPMs.

This is particularly interesting for advertisers looking to run full-screen and engaging ad formats as Postitial supports rich media and video ad formats. Some of Opera Mediaworks Premium Tier-1 Publishers are already running Postitial including the immensely popular developer Zeptolab (maker of Cut the Rope) and Text Plus (social networking app).
For some categories such as news, messaging and social networking, there is a lack of available ad spaces within the app to include full-screen advertising without impacting the user experience in a negative way. Postitial is one option to address this issue, particularly for premium publishers and gives them an opportunity to add full-screen ads and a new incremental revenue stream that delivers very high CPMs.

The benefit for developers who already run full-screen ads is that they are able to double their available full-screen advertising immediately without compromising the user experience. Postitial is about that, pure incremental revenue from mobile advertising for app developers.

Premium publishers should think of Postitial as the back cover of a magazine – the second highest performing ad placement in print; as Postitial appears only once a user has ended an app session, users are far more likely to be engaged and receptive to ads – that’s why Postitial performs – it’s about timing and placement. That’s why Postitial is appealing to brand advertising dollars.

To find out more about getting Postitial running with Opera Mediaworks, contact or