Programmatic DSP

for Performance Advertisers

IQzone is a leading global, independent performance DSP that connects advertisers with audiences across devices at scale. We provide premium, brand safe digital ads and content distribution solutions with insights derived from proprietary 1st party data.

Buyer Advantages


Our simple approach to the unified auction incorporates our proprietary learning algorithm to deliver users the most relevant ad experience possible based on 1st party behavioral data in conjunction with historical buyer CPM’s and bidding behavior – creating the environment to reach the right user with the right ad at the right time. Every Time.

Premium, Direct Supply

IQzone is a leading global omni channel platform that generates incremental revenues for publishers through our exclusive campaigns. As a result, IQzone has over 1500 direct publisher integrations and growing.

  • Ads.txt & Sellers.json compliant
  • 100% viewable supply
  • Increased auction efficiency
  • Unparalleled performance

Transparent Reporting

Our DSP provides FULL insights into where your ads are running, their positioning as well as the gross and net CPM bids across all supply sources being targeted. This is why IQzone is trusted by over 75 brands and 1500+ publishers.

We Take Fraud SERIOUSLY.

IQzone employs the most sophisticated 3rd party TQ vendor in the space. Our partnership with MRC accredited vendor, Pixalate, enables IQzone to scan and measure every single impression request that hits our machines, way before they are impressions.

In addition, as a redundancy, we have built our own proprietary in-house fraud detection technologies seek out anomalies between request vs. serve data to pinpoint and eliminate any fraud that is not caught via pre-bid detection. Our redundant approach to TQ, in addition to manually vetting and working with direct publishers circumvents instances of brand safety issues and fraud from ever taking place.

Leaders in premium, brand-safe omni-channel solutions.

IQzone empowers brands to connect with their ideal audience, at the right place, at the right time with the precision to deliver across any and all devices in their household.

Our simple unified reporting solution enables our clients to get a clear understanding of their media impact and effectiveness of ad spend. We offer proprietary analytics and granular insights to help shape the evolution of your campaigns and maximize ROAS.

Ensure ads are delivered to the right audience at the right time

With real-time bidding and optimization, our platform helps publishers maximize their revenue and deliver a better user experience for their audience. We also offer a range of support and consulting services to help you optimize your monetization strategy. From ad operations and yield management to technical integration and sales support, we have the expertise to help you succeed.

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IQzone is a privately-held mobile technology company, with offices in Scottsdale, AZ and Beijing, CN. The team brings years of experience in the mobile & software industry, along with a company-wide entrepreneurial spirit that spurs innovation and disruption in the mobile advertising ecosystem.

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